Apply for
Huji Hackathon

Please fill in the details below.
You must sign up as part of a team of 4 programmers + 1 designer/ 5 programmers
If you have a team, fill in the e-mail of the team leader.
If you don't have a team write "No Team" instead of the leader's
e-mail, and if you get in, we will assign you to one.
You can also check out the facebook page we created especially for  the purpose of finding teams.
Please note that precedence will be given to teams over individuals.
The registration will close on 01/04/22.
Teams who don't follow those rules will not be accepted!
Good Luck!


Please note, that all gifts and prizes given at the Hackathon are given of the Hackathon's good-will and there is no commitment on the Hackathon's side to supply any participant with anything including the first prizes. As well as that, the Hackathon is not to blame for any mistake that may be made in any part of the judgment process.

Also, the Hackathon is not responsible for any damage or harm that may befall anyone during the event.